Repair, Remodeling and Handyman Services
The Home Improvement Man, Inc.

The Home Improvement Man

6215 Stillwater Court

University Park, FL 34201



  • Computer setup, troubleshooting and repair

    • Do you have a computer that is not running as good as it used to?

    • Do you have software that you need help in learning to use?

    • Are you ready for a home or home office network?

    • Have you acquired a virus and need help cleaning it up?

  • Training

    • Do you want to have someone help you understand the new software that you are using, or the old software you have been struggling with?

    • Do you want to learn how to use more features in your software?

  • Specific applications

    • We are extremely knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel and Word

  •  Website

    • We have the ability to help you set up and maintain a website

    • We can help you get started and explain what you need to do

We have dozens of years of experience with PC hardware and their software. Call us for help. If you are using an application that we are not familiar with, our expertise will allow us to understand that software in a short amount of time.

We will do whatever you ask us to do. If you just want it fixed, we will do that. If you want an explanation of what we are doing, we will do that. If you want to be trained, we will do that. Just ask!