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The Home Improvement Man, Inc.

The Home Improvement Man

6215 Stillwater Court

University Park, FL 34201


Outdoor Projects

  • Storm Preparation 

    • The Home Improvement Man can help prepare your home for a storm if you are here or away!

  • Sprinkler Repair

    • Do you have sprinkler heads that are broken?

    • Do you have control zones that do not come on?

    • Sprinklers running while it is raining? Replace your rain sensor today!

  • Light installation and repair

    • Do the lights on your garage need to be replaced?

    • Replacement of dusk to dawn sensors or timers

  • Lanai screen replacement

    • If you have screen panels that need replacement, call us!

  • Paver Brick Repair

    • If you have paver bricks that need replacement or removal due to sinking, call us!

  • Mailbox and Post Repair

    • Replace that rotting mailbox post!

    • Custom post to match the requirements of your neighborhood.


Looking for landscape lighting?
We recommend Pleasant Lightscapes