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The Home Improvement Man

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Company History

  About Jim...

I was born and raised in northwest Indiana. While growing up, I was always helping my dad (a Master Carpenter) with odd jobs that he did on the weekend. As I got older, I used the skills that my dad taught me to build a variety of things, including a kayak.

When I was in high school, I majored in Industrial Arts, with a primary focus in electronics. After high school, I attended Valparaiso Technical Institute where I received a Bachelor Degree in Engineering Electronics.

After graduating from VTI, I went to work at McGill Manufacturing in Valparaiso, Indiana as Field Service representative. I progressed at McGill to a Design Engineer, working on the design of hardware and software for custom electronics and controls. I also gained experience doing mechanical design while working at McGill. I was at McGill for a total of 14 years.

In December of 1989, I was introduced to Linda, who worked at a separate division of McGill. We were engaged in March and started to build a house. I built the house with the help of my dad and uncle. It was a custom plan that was on six wooded acres. Linda and I were married in November of 1990 and move into our new house on a snowy day two days before Christmas.

I was offered a job in sunny Sarasota, Florida in 1997. I accepted and my wife Linda relocated here in May. That July, we had a daughter, Elizabeth. What a year for changes! New job, location and child all in the same year.

My new job was with Eaton Corporation. I hired in as a Design Engineer, progressed to Sr. Design Engineer and then to Engineering Manager for one of the product groups. After a reorganization, I had the position of Project Engineer. I had been working on several interesting and large projects.

During the summer of 2006, I decided that it was time to do something different. After 23 years in the engineering field, I was ready for a change. In September, Linda and I formed The Home Improvement Man Incorporated. The remaining months of 2006 were spent planning the business, getting business issues lined up, and preparing for the big move to entrepreneurship!

My last day at my old job was Friday the 19th of January, and my first day at The Home Improvement Man (HIM) was Sunday the 21st! Since that time, I have had a wide variety of jobs, met a lot of interesting people, and have enjoyed every minute. It took a little bit of time to adjust to the new routine, but I started to get better at planning my days after three to four weeks.

I thank God for encouraging me to make the change. I am much happier and get a great amount of job satisfaction for my new career. I enjoy doing work that gives people what they want or need.